Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You again!!! on November 1st,2010

It's s.h.a.r.e Monday Movies (again!) and it was another beautiful Monday in the Month of November. Our meet up time was 5.00pm but then Angela,one of the guest was in for a big surprise,she won a free ticket for being the first person to arrive at the cinema and then more guest trooped in and we took pictures and exchanged contacts.
The Movie "You again"started at 6.40pm,it was really interesting everyone enjoyed it (Even some people had to see it (again).The story was about a young girl Marni Olivia Olsen,who was bullied in high school by her seniors,years later she graduated from school and got a job at one biggest PR firm.She later found her older Brother Kelvin,was getting married to her worst nightmare.
The aftermath was meeting each other and there were two new guest amongst us,Dunnie and Yemi.
So we all decided to see yet a different but interesting Movie again!!!on the first Monday in the Month of December. Please leave your comments.
s.h.a.r.e PR

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