Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Other ''s.h.a.r.e Monday Movies'' Guys

'The Other Guys'had us laughing from the first scene right to the very end!

And like Steve Coogan's character said in the movie, when you want to tell a story, you start with the end, go to the middle, keep gping back to the end, then back to the beginning, then the end, then the...
Yes, we got confused too!

s.h.a.r.e Monday Movies, October Edition took place at Ozone on the 4th, and meet up time was 5pm for the 6.20pm movie
This left us with enough time to be able to mingle, get our free copies of the ROOFTOP MCS new album 'Back at One' 'Reload'magazine, and take pictures!

Some lucky winners got free tickets, and you can win one of our teeshirts up for grabs by telling us what you thought of the movie!

Just leave your comment here!
Winners will be announced soon!

P.S, here is an official summary of the movie, but we would rather hear from you!!!

Two mismatched New York City detectives seize an opportunity to step up like the city's top cops whom they idolize -- only things don't quite go as planned.

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  1. I liked the movie very much
    it was very funny but some jokes were odd sha